This is Vicky

When I was 13-going-on-14, my mom found out about this doctor who employed a holistic approach to healing. He would recommend foods that one ought to avoid in an effort to improve the individual’s wellbeing. Being the child who constantly had to take medication for migraines that refused to subside, an irritable tummy, bad eczema and probably a few other little things that made me the problem kid, she decided that I should pay him a visit. So we did.

After a series of tests, which involved holding onto weird electrode stick thingys, he concluded that I need to refrain from eating gluten, dairy, sugar…well basically all that stuff that everyone tells you not to eat. And I was to embark on this detox for 3 weeks. It was to begin that very day. I was devastated. It was my birthday.

Many years later, I’ve obviously allowed myself to let go, indulging in things that I love- sweets, icecream, cake, cookies…the works. But while I may, so guiltily, tuck into a serving of icecream (and then suffer the consequences after…), I do try my best to abstain from gluten. I have to admit, since I am not coeliac, I do have the occasional corner of toast and bites of cake, but I am dedicated to being gluten free, and to sharing this love with you. :)

Enjoy, the cookies taste just as good, maybe even better.

7 responses to “This is Vicky

  1. Hey Vic!

    Love what you’re doing! And I miss your cookies!!!

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  3. […] What really caught my eye were the signs “Gluten-free” and “Almost Gluten-free” side-by-side. “Almost Gluten-free” because the baked goods weren’t created in Gluten-free environment as declaimed by Vicky’s card but Gluten-free? Well, you can read more about her gluten-free diet, a tragic tale which started as with a strange way to celebrate her birthday, here. […]

  4. Hi there,

    Can I ask you what the benefits are of cutting out gluten rich food? Thanks

  5. That wasn’t a very good birthday present!

  6. Sean Windy


  7. eugene

    Good day Vicky,
    I was wondering if you are considering or already baking gluten free full time and growing your business?

    I think what you are doing is great, as you are fulfilling a gap by providing freshly made gluten free goodies.

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