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Grasshopper Pie

Best thing to do on the first non-working Monday in awhile; watch Gossip Girl until 3.30am and sleeeep in until lunch.

But Murphy’s Law would have it that my soon-to-be neighbours are going through a massive bout of renovations and drilling my brains out before my alarm clock even gets a chance to rudely awaken me. Rats. I hate them before we even get to know each other.

Luckily, sleepy-eyed me gets to have leftover pie for breakfast and soothe my aching head and lazy ass.

Forgive me if I get this all wrong, but two things came to mind when I saw “Grasshopper Pie”. They may be significantly different thoughts but two associations I nonetheless¬† made.

1) Thailand

2) White chocolate and mint

But see, this recipe doesn’t come from Thailand (I’m referring to the deep fried insect variety) and it doesn’t have white chocolate and mint. So why walk around in it’s green heels and lie to me? Well, apparently ‘Grasshopper’ anything just refers to chocolate and mint, not really specifically being white chocolate. Bummer.

Next thing two thoughts when I read the recipe thoroughly…

1) I get to melt marshmallows into gooey pasty sludge YAY!

2) How am I ever going to find a gluten free cookie for the base which won’t cost me an arm and a foot? Nay.

Last time I made my own cookie base it resembled oily sand or…sandy oil. Wasn’t pretty and more definitely didn’t set up nicely. In fact! It didn’t set up at all. But it was merely a simple thing of experimenting and praying and the cookie base for this pie came to be. Slightly crumbly but…it retains its crunch and is far better than oily sand.

And as for the marshmallow melting, it was fun, tense but mostly just really awesome seeing a big pile of fluffy wilt down into nothing but a pasty looking gluey mixture.

Perhaps the most important thing here is to abandon logic and add a layer of melted chocolate to the base and letting it set up before adding the minty layer. And a great idea (which I kick myself for not thinking of earlier) is to add chocolate chips to the mint layer. More chocolate is better than not enough chocolate. Are you with me?

Grasshopper Pie


1/2 recipe Thin, Chewy Cookies, baked for 2-3 minutes longer to make them crisp
1/4 cup butter, melted

1) Once cookies have been baked and cooled, bash half of them up with a rolling pin to create crumbs. Process the other half in a food processor until it looks like wet crumbs.  I find that processing half in the food processor causes them to get quite sticky, which is good because it acts like a glue. Mix together with the butter and press into a pie dish, on the bottom and up the sides. Let chill for 1 hour or freeze it for 30 minutes and add 120g of melted and cooled chocolate to the base. Spread evenly and up the sides.

Mint Filling (From The Hummingbird Bakery- Cake Days)

180g large white marshmallows
180ml whole milk (I used about 2 tablespoons more)
1/4 tsp peppermint essence (I used 1/2 tsp)
1/8 tsp green food colouring (I used 1/4 tsp)
300ml whipping/double cream, very cold

1)¬† In a saucepan over a low heat, melt the marshmallows in the milk. It gets quite frustrating when they dont seem to melt properly and look like lumps. Whisk it out vigorously and it should remove a majority of the lumps. The remaining bits shouldn’t affect your final product.

2) Remove from heat and add the essence and colouring. Mix until fully combined. Let cool for 10-15 minutes.

3) In the bowl of an electric mixer, add in the cream and whip on high until soft peaks (I’ll go for slightly stiffer peaks) form. Fold carefully into the mint mixture and pour into cookie base. Let set for 2 hours.

To Finish

300ml whipping/double cream

1) Whip the cream on high with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Pile it onto the chilled pie and create waves and bountiful curves with a spatula. Chocolate shavings are optional. I like the pristine whiteness of the pie unadorned.


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