About Sweets

Bread that tastes like cardboard. Rice crisps that resemble styrofoam. Cake that stick to the edges of my throat. Cookies that feel like cake. Muffins that crumble in an instant. Need I say more? This is not how the best things in the world should be.

Dear Readers,

I can only offer you cookies that are crisp on the edges and slighty chewy in the middle with hints of cinnamon and dark chocolate drops.

I can only offer you 3-layered cakes that taste even better than they look, that hold up when you slice through them. And promise to bring you a smile when you take your first bite, and second…and third

I can only offer you my best effort to carefully create each item to your specifications. Whether it’s a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Or my favourite iLOVEchocolate cookie, or the signature orange almond cake complete with a decadent dark chocolate ganache.

I can only offer you this, but please, do drop me an email to discuss any whimsical idea you may have and we’ll work something out. It isn’t easy being gluten free but at least you know that with me, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Hope to hear from you soon, orders are totally totally welcome. I’m still learning and experimenting so I seek your understanding. I am not a professional but I’ve had happy relatives and friends who have so graciously stood by me as I practiced. glutenfreevicky at gmail dot com

Gluten Free Love,


3 responses to “About Sweets

  1. meimei

    HIHI!!!!! <3333

  2. What a great resource I’ve found for gluten free treats! Thanks for coming by my blog, I’m so glad you did. I’ve had several people ask me for gluten free recipes and I admit, I haven’t a clue how to cook gluten-free. Now I know where to go.

  3. Caili

    VIC!!! this is AWESOME!! :D:D definitely gonna try some out once i’ve mustered the courage to turn on the wonky oven that we’ve got in the Student Village .. :D

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