Food for the weekend

weekday tea

weekday tea

The longest days are those that can’t decide what sort of days they want to be. Or those that can, and you’re not quite agreeable on how it wants to be.

Thursdays need to be the new Friday. And in order for that to magically happen, plans need to be made and good plans at that. None of your half-hearted let’s-have-dinner plans. I’m thinking more along the lines of let’s-grab-a-cocktail-and-laugh-until-our-sides-hurt type of night. Easier said than done, but really, all it takes is a little commitment…for me, it’s commitment to not give into the couch potato in me who’s idea of a good time is staring uselessly at a TV screen. Honestly, I recall none of those nights. I do recall the ones where I end up befriending everybody at the bar and laughing at funny alcohol names. Note to self: sloe gin is not slow gin. It was not, contrary to my belief, made slowly. 

Yes, you may laugh at me.

While we’re laughing, I need to confess  haven’t much of a recipe to share today. Perhaps more of a wishlist of recipes I hope to make soon. A dinner party may be in order. Any takers?

Appetiser: Perhaps a little spicy and tangy to start? I agree. Green papaya salad (Som Tum) is a staple in Thai cuisine, and one of those get-the-appetite-going type of thing.

Main: Since I’ve always thought beans in veggie burgers contribute to a whole lot of farting, boy am I glad that this one is gluten-free and tempeh based!

Dessert: Nothing better than layer upon layer upon layer or crepes, filled with orange diplomat cream. Hello Thomas Keller, you’re a genius. Since I don’t live in NY, I shall just have to make do with making my own version of his crepe cake. Yeah, jealous yet?

Have a lovely Thursday start to your weekend folks!

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