An Edible Bouquet

This is a post dedicated to my amazing grandmother who has just turned 81, yet manages to look not a day older than 61. She’s one of those women who’s a clear example of living to the fullest. She still drives around (in fact, she got a new car for her birthday!), joins her friends for dancing, jets off on holidays and returns with many stories to tell. Actually, most of my aunts find it rather hard to keep up with her fashionable self. And like all grandmothers, she is the best cook. No, really, I know you’re thinking I’m being slightly biased, but I tell no lies.

So, Happy Birthday Grandma! I can only hope to be as rockin’ as you when I’m all grown up.



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4 responses to “An Edible Bouquet

  1. WOW, Vicky! Gorgeous. Did you use traditional food coloring or the natural ones? Happy birthday to your grandmother! She sounds phenomenal! I’m sure she adored her edible bouquet from you. :-)


  2. Happy Birthday to your gradmother. I hope I have her get up and go when I turn 81.Absolutely gorgeous cake.

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma! Lovely cake, almost too pretty to eat :)

  4. Happy birthday to your grandma :) what a cute post. And you cake looks ah-maz-ing!!

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