2nd Anniversary of my 21st!

Halfway to 46. Dear me, when did the number get so large? It’s okay, my dad wished me a happy 22nd birthday. I think we’ll leave it as that.

How are grown-up 23 year-olds suppose to act?

Should I still be reciting lines from my favourite cartoons? Is it even ok that I still watch them? Is my bank account suppose to reflect a larger, much larger number? Do I need to get health insurance? Is it alright if I prefer to take public transport over driving? Can I still wear heels that make my knees hurt (are my knees even suppose to be hurting now?) Why did I just buy myself a brand new set of Lilo and Stitch bedsheets?

Not sure.

But I do know that it’s really just a number. A day to have everyone around you be super nice and enjoy birthday cake with you. And get nice cards.

If you dish out a pretty yellow cake with fluffy chocolate frosting, you might even get presents!!! Happy Unbirthday to everyone else, just as good a reason to eat cake!

Recipe to come soon!!!



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5 responses to “2nd Anniversary of my 21st!

  1. Happy Birthday lovely! What a gorgeous, joyful cake! And may there be many more birthdays and many more cakes! :D

  2. 25 was the birthday I had a hard time with. I always thought that 25 was when you really had to grow up, I cried all day. So enjoy the next couple of years as much as you can! Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Vicky! Wish you many successful and wonderful years to come! It is just a number, enjoy and live life to the fullest!

    The birthday cake is so cute, I am okay to be unbirthday as long as I got to eat one slice of it :-)

  4. Happy belated birthday, you old lady, you!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!

    You’re quite right, age is but a number! And it helps to remind ourselves that it is, especially on days when you wake up and go, oh gosh. I am in my twenties.

    Catch up sometime soon, yes? :-)

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