Cake Truffles

You know those cake pops that’s got everyone’s mind in a whirl? I thought I hated them. It’s such a bizarre concept to hate such an adorable thing, but I did.

It started like any other love story; a love at first sight thing. And I figured they had to take yummy because they looked it and everyone was gaga over them. So a yellow cake and some frosting later, I had my ‘cake pop’ mixture ready to be turned into lovely, squishy gobs on a stick. It was a no brainer…until the cake pops started sliding down, down, down the lollipop stick until it eventually made it’s way to the bottom. Upside down pop? More like a massive hole in my squishy gobs. That’s it, we were through. I never laid eyes on a cake pop ever again.

But a recent turn of events, kicked started by a highly successful vanilla cupcake recipe meant I had a new found confidence instilled in me, raring to take on all the things I had failed to conquer in the past (gluten free choux pastry- you better watch out!). And so the chocolate loaf cake half that was sitting so patiently in the fridge along with some leftover ganache were married together. And I lined a baking tray, formed my little truffle-like balls and left them in the fridge to set. And today, I dipped them in melted couverture chocolate and voila! No sticks but definitely tastier than loser cake pops.

This recipe is a rough guideline. I think that the amount of frosting needed to form the pops depends largely on the type of cake you’re using and the moisture levels in them. My chocolate loaf was fairly dense and moist so I only added 4 tbsp of ganache for half a cake. The mixture should come together easily but still have a couple of bits which you can slowly meld into one to form pops that won’t slide; even better, they’re cake truffles. Say it with me…cake truffles. I bet you could even use softened Nutella as your ‘glue’ and cover them with nuts. Ferrero Rocher truffles.

Tomorrow I shall find myself in a land entirely different from my own. For one, I will find myself rendered quite useless at communicating effectively. If I were to do as the locals do, I would be having milk tea for breakfast alongside a huge fluffy bun filled with lashings of butter which cafe owners will oblige with wild abandonment. Lunch will roll around at any time of the day; so long as my stomach begs for it. Dinner? It doesn’t exist. They will simply all be clustered into a category called ‘meals’. It’s silly to keep track really. Hong Kong makes me hungry.

I will be back soon, til then, go make some cake truffles!



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7 responses to “Cake Truffles

  1. These cake truffles look like the perfect snack for any hour or day of the week. These just look amazing. Wonderful post.

  2. too cute! ive never tried cake pops before (eaten or made), seems fun though!

  3. These look wonderful Vicky! :D I could pop a dozen into my mouth and not feel guilty at all! :P

  4. i’m glad these have turned you over to the dark side! haha :)
    they look aa–mazing, vicky!!

  5. I’m glad you made them work for you! They sound great, Yummm…

  6. Have fun in Hong Kong! These sound delicious–good enough to get you motivated for that GF choux dough :)

  7. Happy and safe travels!!!

    Love your truffles. Also love the Nutella ‘glue’ suggestion, mmmm.

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