Chocolate Cream Pie

My sister came home last night, bounced up the stairs and presented her left hand in front of me. The conversation that followed went a bit like this…

Me: OMG!!!!!!!!

She probably won’t like that I’ve reduced her to giggles but I’m sure that’s how the conversation really went. Oh and yes, there was a shiny, shiny, very shiny engagement ring.Then I asked how it happened and in the most normal way, it was probably the best, most unassuming way it could happen. I told her I’d like to find my ring in a pie. To make things easier for the dude, here’s a couple of guidelines- you know, just in case. It’s really straight to the point too! Just remember 1) no apple pie, 2) no cherry pie, 3) pecan pie isn’t the best idea (no space for a ring!) and 4) neither is coconut pie (the ring would be too close in colour to the filling)

The idea pie really is a chocolate cream pie, baked by you.

And to make your life even simpler, I’ve provided you with a recipe! :) Aren’t I just so thoughtful.

Time to get serious though, this pie is so rich I could only manage half a slice so if you were planning on putting a ring in there, you gotta tell me, I’ll dig through the whole damn pie to find it.

This amazingly devilish Chocolate Cream Pie is from Saveur via The Hungry Mouse, who has provided the best step-by-step photos! All I did was use a GF pie crust from Ginger Lemon Girl instead of the cookie base since I haven’t any gluten free cookies lying around. And from my previous experience of baking my own cookies for the crust- let’s just say it didn’t work out as gorgeously as I had hoped. Since both blogs have done such amazing jobs of filling you in with detailed instructions on baking pie, I won’t even try to reproduce my own set of instructions.

Notes: My pie crust came out slightly chewy- underbaked? overbaked? I’m not sure but it is the most successful I have ever been with a pie crust before so I’m far from complaining. The pie filling…you’d seriously just want to eat it on its own. It’s really different from what I had imagined. I assumed it’d be more pudding-like but ohgosh no. It is like a refrigerator version of a mouthwateringly good chocolate ice cream. Like Haagen Daz’s Belgian Chocolate one. Call me crazy but I deliberately left some filling in the bowl so I could eat lick it off the spoon.

Also, it’s the Oscar’s today and in the spirit of creating food inspired by movies, this one reminds me of two really magical shows Julie and Julia and Waitress. I’m not sure what Keri Russell’s character would call this pie but maybe something along the lines of ‘I enjoy eating my feelings’ pie or ‘I am an evil dessert witch’ pie.



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5 responses to “Chocolate Cream Pie

  1. Hooray for pie and a totally amazing one at that! You had me from the photos, but then with the ice cream and The Waitress references, I’m in! ;-)

    Congrats to your sister! Loved the conversation. :-)


  2. meimei


  3. I think you should try and prise the ring off your sisters hand so we can see if we can spot it hiding in the pie. She wouldn’t mind, would she?:)

  4. Ooh how exciting! I love weddings and engagements, they’re so infectiously happy times :D And wowwee at this chocolate cream pie. It looks to die for! :D

  5. So funny–I’ve always had the same idea except I’ve always wanted my ring in a croissant or a pain au chocolat. But I think baking a cream pie might be a little easier for a guy than going all out and making puff pastry…I’ll have to rethink it ;)

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