The Flavour of Love

Everyone must have one. It’s either a gift passed down from generations to come or a present out of goodwill from a neighbour you’ve had tea with. Or perhaps you’ve done it the hard way and researched and experimented. Whatever it is, everyone must have a good, creamy, mind blowing chocolate frosting.

And because I like you, here’s mine. Take it, make it, share it, or eat it on your own at midnight. Just be sure to remember that frosting if happiness on a fork (or finger).

Oh, one more thing- anyone with a awesomely delicious chocolate cake recipe? The sort that’s moist, tender and for a layer cake? I tried a few over the weekend and had to settle. SHARE SOME CHOCOLATE CAKE LOVE.

My Favourite Chocolate Frosting

200ml sour cream, room temperature
270g dark chocolate, 55%
1/3 – 1/2 cup icing sugar
3 tbsp golden syrup, gently warmed

1) Melt the chocolate over a bain marie or use the microwave and heat it in 30 second spurts, on medium until melted.

2) Mix the sour cream and golden syrup together.

3) Once the melted chocolate has cooled slightly, slowly pour it into the sour cream mixture, whisking gently as you go.

4) Sift the icing sugar over the chocolate mixture and whisk (using a hand-held whisk, NOT electric) thoroughly.

5) Chill in the fridge until ready to use. You may need to bring it to room temperature before using if it sets too hard. It shouldn’t though.



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10 responses to “The Flavour of Love

  1. That sounds similar to one of my favorite chocolate frosting recipes that also has sour cream in it. But mine does not have the golden syrup, so I’ll have to give yours a try. Oh rats, now I have to make chocolate cake….he he he.

  2. this chocolate frosting is giving me a “good” thrill !!! brrrr!!!
    Pierre de Paris

  3. This is pretty much the same as the recipe I use–and I definitely go for eating it with a spoon every single time!

  4. hehe this is my favourite chocolate icing recipe too! The sour cream is amazing in it and I love the texture of it too! :D

  5. omg, I get the feeling this is going to be my new favourite choc icing recipe. Saving right now for when I get back from overseas!

    Love how the candy sprinkles match your plate so well too :D

  6. Sour cream makes chocolate icing so silky smooth! This is a fabulous recipe! I can eat it without the cake!

  7. i saw this post the day before my last exam and had to close my browser after this picture popped up. YES, it looked SO good that i had to close your page so i won’t think about cakes or chocolate during crunch time. But now that exams are over, i have the biggest urge to either bake a chocolate cake or buy one asap!

  8. I am seriously on the lookout for a good chocolate frosting recipe. I actually don’t think I’ve ever made one before. And to think I call myself a baker. FOR SHAME.

    This looks. Awesome.

  9. i actually don’t have a tried and trusted chocolate frosting recipe but reading yours, I think i’ll make it mine :)

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