Sweets By Vicky’s 2nd Day Out

Today’s sky was flawless, a striking blue highlighted by the brightest yellow sun. Perfect for a lazy afternoon by the pool, a sleepy nap in an air-conditioned room or some serious catching up on shopping. Quite honestly, it was perfect for anything but cupcake selling, the very thing I was doing. I can handle having pearl-sized beads of sweat or the gross I-totally-need-a-shower-NOW, what I can’t handle is not being able to save my cupcakes from it’s inevitable fate- melting buttercream

Today marked the 2nd edition of the Loewen Garden’s Farmers’ Market and after the great response from the first one, I was all too ready to be a part of this one. I suppose a few factors of today made this 2nd installment less than gratifying (terribly low turnout numbers and the insane heatwave). Well, for the first 2/3 of it I guess. Then, I learned one of the most important lessons of my life.

You see, my parents weren’t here for the 1st market, so today would their first. Call it divine intervention but they couldn’t have been present at a more timely moment. If I had been left to deal with the disappointment of today on my own, I would be sitting under my cupcake table, sooking.

My mum and dad are complete (almost) opposites of each other. My mum’s the one who does all the behind-the-scenes work, the less social, less glamourous part of anything. Dad, on the other hand, is a talkative, loud ball of entertainment. He’s almost akin to a jack-in-the-box, popping out with all sorts of ideas and stories while my mum’s the one who has to make sure everything is running smoothly. I guess that’s how they function as a pair, you couldn’t have 2 of my dads around (total havoc). And that’ how they’ve been present in my life too. So needless to say, mum was the one telling me to keep a smile on my face and not give up. “Positive thoughts,” she said. Dad on the other hand, was galavanting to the other stalls, happily conducting barters (2 cupcakes for a lovely helping of olives). But here’s what they taught me today…

1) Have fun– When I realized that the whole point was to have fun and treat this farmers’ market as a learning experience, I felt less pressure to finishing selling everything.

2) There’s no love like family love– When I sent my elder sister an SOS text, asking her to roll around with positive reinforcement, she got ready in record time and was by my side beforeI knew it. When my dad sent out a text message to my aunt, letting her know that I was having a cupcake stall, she immediately drove round, cash in hand, ready to buy everything. My other aunts popped by too, getting cupcakes for friends, other relatives and tomorrow’s breakfast. My uncle had my mum bring a lunchpack he had specially made for me in case I got hungry.

3) Shit happens, but keep smiling– The slump in attendance numbers, the bad, cupcake unfriendly weather, the wasps, the aching feet…I found myself consumed with being negative I probably drove all the happy thoughts away and attracted every single wasp. I didn’t realize all the storeholders were also having an off-day. But when it reached closing time, we all exchanged our goods, cupcakes for you, lemon slice for me, cookies for you, organic apples for me…And that, is how you make the best of a dratty situation.

Thanks for everyone who came out today (love to Vee, Sling & Ryan too) and for all the words of encouragement in your comments and…for reading this! I HOPE THINGS PICK UP FOR THE NEXT EDITION! But til then, recipe tomorrow!!!



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14 responses to “Sweets By Vicky’s 2nd Day Out

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear that the weather wasn’t on your side. I can imagine the panic when it comes to heat and buttercream :( But it brought a smile to my face when i read about the positive reinforcements that your family brought to you. Especially when all your aunts and uncles all stopped by and even made you a lunchbox! And once again, the cupcakes looks flawless, and i enjoyed looking through all the signs and decorations you made, ahhhh it’s like a fairyland booth! ADD OIL, i can’t wait for your next sale!

  2. the efforts you went to bake everything and make such a pretty store!! love all the unique touches you’ve put to everything. sounds like you learnt a lot which I guess is the most important thing. well, hope you get a good night’s rest and rest those aching feet!

  3. I just love your photos of your goodies! Delish looking!
    And am sorry to hear things did not go quite as planned, but your three lessons are really important ones! Your family is so supportive..that makes such a difference.
    There are times I feel sorry for my daughter, whose business in NYC has many bad days, but she pulls herself up by the bootstraps and tries again. You will too!

  4. WOWOWOW! it’s all so beautiful i think I’d have to try one of everything! :)

  5. mei

    oh my gawd. the cup cakes looks gorgeous. I have something for colours and looks. lol. they really look good. I seldom bake, actually i suck at baking thats why.. I gotta learn from you :)

  6. Pretty as a picture. Whatever happened was beyond your control. But you did your best and we’re all cheering for you.

  7. uma

    Peter Rabbit’s Garden is beautiful with those pink flowers on the cup cakes.. i love those..

  8. Everything looks amazing despite the heat! I would have traded anything for that yummy-looking marmalade loaf :)

  9. This reminds me of an Oasis song that goes “nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day…” and it is so true. But we can’t control the weather and so let’s just blame it all on that.

    Your cupcakes look amazing! If I had been in the area, I would have shown up and bought one for sure. Gotta love family. Yours sounds wonderful.

  10. You are so true in every single things that you mentioned about the meaning of the event.

    I was selling cupcakes in a bazaar and I almost cried looking at my melting cupcakes due to hot weather, so what you experienced was something I could relate to…

    Anyway, all that matters is that you have had fun….

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  11. sounds like some trying times! i’m glad you gleaned what you could from the experience–you seem to have a really positive attitude toward it all. YES to the importance of family, BOO to the melting of sweet frosting. :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by. I’m impressed with the cup cake decoration, will visit u more often from now, to check out what you are doing..

  13. i love your little signs and drawings they are soo cuTE!

  14. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog!

    Sorry about the dud day, but atleast you had fun! I’d love to take part in something of the sort!

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