Marble Loaf


It’s a typical Saturday night for me. Home, smelling like a cupcake, satisfied, slightly over’eaten’ and happy that there’s still Sunday to go. But on this Saturday night, I feel slightly nervous. Who knew that at 21, I could feel so tiny as if I’m 17 again, faced with exam stress and stage fright.

My basic theory test for my driving is on Tuesday and after having failed once, it’s clearly a case of once bitten twice shy. The cool ‘I-can-wing-it’ attitude is nowhere to be found, buried under ‘geez-I-can’t-fail-this-again!’ instead. The excuse of not knowing how the format of the test was, isn’t going to work twice. So while I’m busy memorising what white lines and bus lanes do, I am also frantically trying to recall what I had read the page before. Obviously nervous, as you can tell. So stop telling me it’s easy- it isn’t helping!

And as for the stage fright? Well the Loewen Garden Farmers’ Market is on this coming Saturday, March 6th! Over-excited would be an understatement, but so would ‘terribly-nervous-I-am-worried’. There is a problem with fantastic first-times and that’s keeping up with it. I am still preparing myself mentally for any setbacks that may occur. It’s hard to keep my hopes on the ground, it’s like a helium filled balloon.

But to whet your appetite, here’s peek of what Sweets By Vicky has on offer this coming Saturday, March 6!
1) Hungry Monkey: Roasted Banana Cupcakes with Banana Buttercream
2) Summercup: Lemon Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream
3) Vegan Jam Thumprints (egg-free, dairy-free)
4) Fudge Brownies (dairy-free)
and 2 more cupcake flavours, cookies and loaves!

How can you say no? I’m hoping they’ll find a happy home in your tummy.

Needless to say, I had to bake something for me to stuff my worried face with, to calm me down. And as a compulsive reader of cookbooks, I decided that I really should bake something from the one book I’ve been flipping through, incessantly. Baking from My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

And since I felt all sorts of emotions running through me, twirling my mind about, a marble loaf would be more than apt. The waves look alot like how I would look like if you cut me open!UNFORTUNATELY, this is where the story starts getting a little…tragic.

Trying to convert a recipe to gluten free AND dairy free, while also aiming to use up a banana that doesn’t even belong in the recipe, is really a sign of overachieving. And while Chemistry may not be my strongest subject, I can pretty much tell that it wasn’t going too well when  it still hadn’t risen at all after half an hour in the oven. The batter tasted weird too (I licked the spoon) since the banana (as mentioned before) wasn’t part of the flavour mingling. By the end of 50 mins, the loaf had risen (thankfully) and it looked so promising I was ready to give myself a big pat on the back. Imagine how amazed I was that it LOOKED like a marble loaf, and was sturdy as I imagined it would be.

HAHA! It was too sturdy, quite damp-ish and quite sticky, making it a real challenge swallowing it in larger chunks. Why does this keep happening to me? Any gluten free experts out there who care to share how the flours can be manipulated?! Or maybe super-seasoned bakers can shed some light on why this might have happened? I seem to be facing it a fair bit. What happened to the fine crumb I used to get? And the tenderness? I haven’t had a cake to squeal about in awhile it’s getting quite rotten in here.

All’s not lost though, I’m determined to make it better! Well, eventually anyway. I’m afraid all the marbling is making me lose my marbles. Guess the recipe isn’t quite ready to make it’s debut so bear with me. Thanks for listening to me pour my heart out!

AND! All the lovelies in the PACIFIC NATIONS…please watch out for the TSUNAMI WARNINGS! I just read about the catastrophic earthquake in Chile and the massive damage it has done. According to Japan’s meteorological  agency, all countries in the Pacific are monitoring tsunami risks. My problems has dwindled to the size of a pea now.

*CROSSES FINGERS* The boy is in Aussieland, I hope hope hope for the best.



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13 responses to “Marble Loaf

  1. Our problems seem like nothing in light of Haiti and now Chile. And who knows where else if the tsunami hits? All we can do is donate and pray.

    Anyway, good luck on your test!

  2. oh no, your last tsunami paragraph threw me off my train of thought. Hope them natural disasters’ll decide to take a break soon.

    I love marble cakes! The last time i made them, i had the same problem with rising as well… and i was baking with normal flour! Hahaha, FAIL. No advice from me :)

    Wow, i can’t believe you’re only 21?? I’ve always thought we were the same age (just turned 23, *cries*). LUCKY YOU!! I no longer enjoy birthdays after 21. And good luck on the driving test! The important thing is to know how to actually drive, the written exam means nothing. Don’t be like me, i aced my driving test but even with a license sitting in my drawers, i can’t drive to save my life! I prefer public transportation and chauffeurs (ahem, bf)

    OH! and i’m glad you tried out the ants on a tree! Me thinks i’ll make that for tmrw again.

  3. Sorry you weren’t happy with the marble loaf. It looks really yummy! Good luck with the test!

  4. Ooh good luck with the driving test! I totally feel your nervousness. It’s my nervousness that has me fearing booking a test. Do let us know how it goes! :)

  5. it’s like this for the theory test dear – just imagine yourself in the car, and think which white lines allow you (in the car) and others in front/ behind you to do/ not do… applies to other situations too (traffic lights, turning left/ right, road islands, mirrors, sharing the road with buses).

    i’m sure you’ve sat in the car often enough to remember whenever your dad drives the family and stuff. *hugs* the theory test doesn’t own you! =)

  6. do share the recipe for your marble loaf – it looks fantastic! all the best for your driving test and well, i guess we always need to look at the grand scheme of things and not get too caught up worrying about the small things in life – i’m sure you’re going to ace the test!

  7. Lucie

    Wow, congrats on your huge array of delicious food for the 6th! I’m sure it’ll be a hit. Marble cake is a classic in France, and taking up the challenge of making it gluten and dairy free is quite a feat in itself!

  8. Enjoy your youth. Boo hoo!!!! I love marble cakes … my favourite when I was a kid. I still love them, even though so many years have passed. Boo hoo!!!! But on a serious note, good luck with your driving test, and for putting all our problems into perspective.

  9. the trauma being suffered in the pacific nations really puts our problems into perspective, doesn’t it!
    good luck tweaking your marble cake recipe and on the test–be confident! :)

  10. Don’t worry about your driving test! I’m sure you’ll do great. At least here in NYC, almost everyone fails the first time around. It’s almost as if it’s a requirement.

    Those treats you are bringing to the Farmer’s Market sound great! I wish I could be there to try some.

    Have you ever looked at the blog Karina’s Kitchen? she is gluten-free and does tons of baking. She may have some tips for you!

  11. How to get everything into perspective!! This looks moist and delicious! Hope all is well.

  12. Good luck with the recipe. I hope you can fix it. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions, although there are a few gluten free blogs out there, hopefully they can help?

  13. hey chick, just popping another comment to this post, just wanted to let you know i’ve awarded you with the ‘one lovely blog’ award. pop by my blog to see what you need to do to pass the award along!

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