Macaron Day 2

“This time baby, I’ll be bulletproof”…

As I happily sang along to my current song-of-the-day by La Roux, I saw it as a sign. A good sign! The macaron shells will be bulletproof! I followed all that I’ve read and made sure my batter was “flowing like magma” before I carefully scooped it into my piping bag. Baking sheet- check. 160 degreeC oven (conventional), check. And I even had a little rhythm as I piped those cute little buttons of almond goodness. There were tiny pointy bits (that resembled a woman’s chest) but I remembered that a reader told me I could fix that with a little water on my finger and a gentle press. No sweat, positive thoughts!

So I decided to conduct a minor experiment. I left 1 batch out for 15 minutes and popped them into the oven. Result? Slightly cracked tops on some, and little feet, not poofy enough.

Batch 2 (pic above) was in 30 minutes after I had piped them. Result? Poofy feet, no cracked shells, but not matter how hard I tried to rap the tray against the table to get rid of the slight pointy bit, it was still there. *sigh*

Batch 3 was in 30 minutes (same as batch 2) but I placed it under batch 2. Result: NO FEET, a big mound of crunchy almond mountain-ness.

The improvements from this try was that…all of the shells were easy to remove, hardly any ‘innards’ were sacrificed. Hardly any crackly tops, most of them resembled macarons! Like, cousins, once removed.In fact, I’d say it was a big improvement. And I made sure the almond + icing sugar mix was as fine as I could manage, I even sifted it.

BUT! it seemed to turn soft-ish, chewy-ish. Not like the crunchy shell I imagine it to have. Can I be annoying and attribute this to the humid weather here? I mean, cookies die at the humidity’s mercy. And if you’re wondering about the recipe, I used this one from Syrup and Tang. It’s supposed to be the more reliable macaron! Maybe I should try the French macaron method?

I’m feeling really down now.I think I’ll go window shopping online.



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12 responses to “Macaron Day 2

  1. lovely macaroons. I applaud u for trying because Ive never tried making htem myself…partly because I think theyre too sweet and all the talk about feet are discouraging me. But one’s not a baker until one’s made macaroons successfully I believe.So kudos to you for ur success. they turned out beautifully!

    and tq for visiting! now ive found you (^_^)

  2. I’ve been through this macaron show before…with Heavenly Housewife. I can’t think how many times before she finally had success. She kept trying, though. Your photo looks excellent!

  3. They scare me. I’ve been thinking of them for weeks now… wondering if I could do it – and the intimidate me. Your photos is enticing! I’d happily savor and much on that!

  4. See, now here’s something I haven’t tried…macarons, they intimidate me :P! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those linzer cookies were tough to make–I’m sorry to hear about your experience making them. What I’ve found with sugar cookie type doughs is that too much butter can make them really fragile :/. I’ve tried for so long to get a good dough and made many kitchen mistakes along the way :P! Gluten free baking is always an adventure.

  5. They look amazing! macarons are on my to do list, and I will remember your advice when I make them.

  6. Oh don’t let it get you down! They’re notoriously hard to make and temperamental! They still look great! :D

  7. They look great! These little cookies can be so frustrating, but you did a great job.

  8. Don’t be so hard on yourself, these look great! Lots of feet and wholesome shells. And the tips are very much appreciated, i will look back on this entry when i gather enough courage to try again. ADD OIL and they’ll turn out perfect soon enough!

  9. I have never attempted macaron but having watched the contestants’ attempts on the first series of Masterchef, I applaud your efforts!

  10. it’s a tremendous effort you’re putting into making these macarons – keep it up!! as for me, I’ve tried once and have given up completely….

  11. No! Don’t feel bad. These look amazing! I really truly think that macaroons are one of those things that take about 500 tries to get right. I think if you stick with your method of making little changes until you get it right, then you will ultimately be successful. Look at how much you’ve already improved!

  12. Von

    I think the macaron looks really good!

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