Sweets By Vicky’s Day Out

Firsts are always difficult, much like the first day of school, first crush, first exam, first job, first time falling down in front of a crowd…yeah, you get what I mean.

Firsts are made especially difficult when you’ve put in bucketloads of sweat and love into producing something to share with everyone else. But you know, everyone psyched me up for it, and gave me the ‘at least you’ll have this…’ speech. And it’s always helpful when you’re sitting on the floor, by the phone, sobbing for no apparent reason, because you couldn’t remember if you bought the right plastic bags.

But this ‘first’ story was made a lot easier with the help of many many people. So can I please do the whole ‘awards ceremony’ speech please! I’d like to thank…

  1. My cousins (PY & AW) for coming over the night before and helping out
  2. CW for waking up super early to be my chauffeur (I know it was tough!)
  3. Dajie for running out to buy the buckwheat flour and eating all the samples
  4. G for driving the stuff home and stapling the labels on the cookie bags
  5. The boy for being there ALL THE TIME through everylittlething
  6. SS for making my Friday easier
  7. The bestie + michie for coming to help
  8. Mom + Dad for having backup plans to have friends buy all the cupcakes so I wouldn’t be sad (lucky it wasn’t needed!)
  9. Ollie, for listening to me whine, and cheer me on!
  10. Everyone for coming and for leaving me ‘YAY VIC!’ messages and giving me free hugs!

I’m really overwhelmed (and still am) and am just so thankful the buttercream didn’t melt. One of the best parts was meeting all the people who don’t take gluten, and seeing their delight when they realize gluten-free food CAN taste yum. And nothing makes me happier than filling your tummy with happiness (I still adore a new dress every now and then!)

Photo time!

Production Day – Friday

Cupcakes all lined up, hold your partner’s hand!

Pure creative genius!

Sunlight streaks just before the crowds arrive

Vanilla-almond cupcakes with hidden treasures!

Ooh La Lemon, lemon on lemon.

Come on, say it…AWWW!!!

Funny Bunny- cream cheese on carrot

Well, that’s it for the photos. And to top off my day with a cherry o top, Sandy has awarded me with an award! MY FIRST! My internet is starting to chug though, so I’ll post my 8 new favourite blogs tomorrow, and hopefully, a recipe too. I’m so addicted to the kitchen.



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12 responses to “Sweets By Vicky’s Day Out

  1. meimei

    Heehee it looks so good la! Btw who's ss I just couldn't decipher tt haha whee tmr's sunday!!!!! :DDD
    Love you skype w u tmr


  2. omg vic!!! I’m so happy to hear that your first sale was a GREAT SUCCESS. The cupcakes look awesome, i love all the names you’ve given them. The Johnny Depp looks especially yummmy. Who wouldn’t want a bite of those and a bite of him? Good marketing strategy, lol! I’m looking forward to hearing about 2nd, 3rd, 4th… sale stories that will be following. CONGRATS AGAIN!

  3. What a gorgeous range of cupcakes! You did brilliantly and how cute is that carrot in icing? :D I love those pale green cupcake cases too! :o

  4. Wow, verrry pretty cupcakes. Good job :)

  5. paperpen

    what can i say? the stall display looks like you. lovely. all. the. time. =) congrats for the millionth time dear.

  6. Awesome! Love the johnny depp…what’s inside??
    Everything looks great!

  7. Fun post! The cupcakes all look divine. Congratulations! Love the little carrot cake cupcakes. And what is in the Depp cupcakes??? Something dark and sexy , I hope.

  8. Wow! I just came to check out your blog and your cupcakes are flat out gorgeous! AND gluten free? Mad props, girl! And yes, I too am intrigued by Johnny Depp cupcakes ;-)

    • vicvickvicky

      Hey there :)

      Thanks for the blog love. The JOHNNY DEPP is a vanilla almond cupcake with a layer of chocolate chunks at the bottom, best eaten with a fork as it could get messy! hehe! Chocolate for treasure!

  9. Just came to check what i have missed for long…wow its fabulous.Loooooveeeeed it!

  10. I am so in awe of your accomplishments, bravissima! :-)

    All the picture look fine, er, picture perfect!
    So, don’t worry if they look blurry while uploading. ;-)

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