A 28th!

As I type this, I’m bopping my head to Ke$ha’s album. I think I’ve found my new ‘pretend-I’m-in-the-OC-on-Summer-Vacay’ album! :) Call it what you like, I think thrashy dirty housey pop is the BEST!

There’s a little party happening this evening. Not mine, my sister’s. A twenty-eighth. Phew, that’s… a big number. But like they say, it’s just a number. More importantly, it’s a birthday which means cake! (and for some other people, alcohol) She specifically requested for stickydate pudding with butterscotch sauce. And while I have no problem with that, stickydate isn’t the most attractive looking cake and honestly, I really don’t want to have to put up with questions 5 years down the road… “vic! why’s my cake a brown square?”

So to save everyone the trouble of having to recall what happens this evening (plus, with a hangover bound to cloud our memory), I decided to just prepare something pretty for the cake cutting, cam-whore worthy cupcakes.

And then my dad came rolling around, hungry…

Bye bye cupcake!


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9 responses to “A 28th!

  1. What a gorgeous rose cupcake. Happy 28th to your sister. Sticky toffee pudding is my favourite!

  2. Oh what a pretty looking cupcake :) So dainty and feminine

  3. Happy 28th birthday to your sister :) And that’s a gorgeous rose shape. Is that made using the Wilton rose tip?

  4. beautiful cupcake once again! Especially with all the different colors. You really need to make a video teaching people (me particularly) how to pipe ;) and Happy birthday to your sister!

  5. Wow that is such a pretty cupcake! Some amazing work you do Vicky! I like how you included the server with rose on it in the picture too! Happy 28th to your sister!

  6. happy b day to her !cheers from Paris Pierre

  7. The cupcake is extraordinary – almost too pretty to eat! The cake server is gorgeous!

  8. That has to be the prettiest icing ive seen! its soo prettty!!! Maybe you should open a cupcake store with your signature rose?

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