Roasted Banana Cupcakes for Hungry Monkeys

This post will be good, I promise. But it begins with a tiny grumble. There are a few ways I can say this but I think the most effective and less rude way would be this. I’ve had a rough day.

Plus, to make things worse, the touchpad on my laptop is so retarded that it keeps erasing my post! *mumble* As I was saying, before my laptop rudely interrupted me (by erasing my thoughts), it started off with a wardrobe crisis (I didn’t have anything to wear), which made me slightly late. And I got wind of some less than thrilling news which made me rethink certain issues…which led to me messing up my cupcake recipe, spilling sugar all over the floor and scrambling my meringue. Can it really get worse?

Not really. I soothed my nerves with a cold shower and a cupcake, the one with extra frosting, all for me.

The cupcake is fluffy, very rich in banana-y flavour and gets a double wham of banana-ness from the banana in the buttercream. I’ve said banana three times now, in the last sentence. You get how much banana’s in this thing right?

Roasted Banana Cupcakes
4 medium bananas
3/4c+ 2 tbsp GF flour blend
2 tbsp buckwheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/3 c veg oil
80g brown sugar
2 tbsp honey
2 eggs

1) Roast the bananas for 15 mins at 200degreesC. It’s best to roast the bananas on a piece of foil because the ‘juice’ leaks out. Let cool to room temperature. Mash 3, KEEP ONE FOR FROSTING. Add in the honey.
2) Reduce oven to 180degreesC, line 9 cupcake tins with paper.
3) Sift the flours, baking soda and baking powder together in a small bowl.
4) In the bowl of a kitchenaid, whisk the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy, double in volume. Add in oil and whisk for another minute.
5) Tip in the flour and mix in by hand. Add in the banana+honey mixture. Divide evenly between cupcakes cases. (I got 9 cupcakes)
6) Bake for 20-25 minutes or until skewer inserted comes out clean.
7) Cool in muffin pan for 5 mins before removing to wire rack to cool completely.

Roasted Banana Buttecream
1) Prepare 1 recipe Swiss Meringue Buttercream, without white chocolate
2) Mash the remaining 1 roasted banana. Mix into the swiss meringue buttercream.
3) It will not be as smooth since the banana pieces make it slightly rough, but it really isn’t obvious.

To assemble: Pipe frosting over the completely cooled cupcakes. Chop some chocolate very finely and sprinkle over the top! :) Stuff your face and make your day.

This is always my entry into the #61 Sugar High Friday- Comfort Desserts hosted by A Merrier World. What can I say? Banana’s, in all their sticky, creamy-ness, is comforting. And I will sleep like a baby tonight.


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12 responses to “Roasted Banana Cupcakes for Hungry Monkeys

  1. OH wow, this is perfect for my husband. He is a monkey in the Chinese zodiac.. and he loves bananas! We also have this stuffed animal that we care for named Jojo, and he loves bananas too haha. I will have to try this out sometime!!

  2. Bananas are so good for you…even in cupcake form! These look fabulous and I love the chocolate sprinkled on top. The perfect finish. Hope that extra-frosted cupcake smoothed out your bad day!

  3. Nothing more uplifting than cupcakes on a bad day :) and your buttercream always look so amazing! I’m gonna try your recipe on my next batch of cupcakes.

  4. Delicious, got to try it…..

    Have some ripe bananas in fridge. This will be my first thought of baking over the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  5. Oh no, I hope your computer fixes itself! How annoying would that be but I think these cupcakes are the perfect antidote to computer related frustrations :D

  6. oh sweetheart, so with you there on wardrobe crisis. sometimes it’s just so horrible – bad day! although i’m pretty lucky since i work at American Apparel. if i look gross at work, i can simply get something new. But pooo. hope you weren’t late! :) beautiful cupcakes. i could do with one of those now. A sugar pick-me-up x

  7. Ooh, what a combination! These look amazing.

  8. I was going to make banana muffins this weekend – I’ve never had them roasted! I might have to try it. These look absolutely scrumptious!

  9. LOL! I’m always feeding hungry monkeys, so this sounds just perfect. And, of course, there’s nothing like a cupcake to sooth away the pain of a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

    Everyone should really file recipes like this one for just those sorts of occasions!

  10. isn’t it amazing what a little roasting will do to a banana? these are great cupcakes, vicky, but that incredible frosting appeals most of all. :)

  11. Hehehe, I’m with you on the banana comfort. And all that frosting, too – yum!
    Thanks for entering Sugar High Friday :-)

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