The reason for the title of this post is simple. When I tell you that there is another buttercream recipe today, you will say “more?” Ah! But I have a really valid reason…I made GF vanilla cupcakes, the smelt lovely, rose beautifully and I was close to announcing my victory when…I took them out of the oven and they fell.

It was a sight to see, as it deflated, the same way my heart deflates when the last pair of shoes isn’t my size. But the good thing is, the buttercream was SCRUMP-DIDDLY-UPTIOUS! No seriously, I really love it. I might even be a little selfish and not share it…Okay you convinced me, I will share it.

It’s fluffy, soft, un-waxy-feeling, sweet from the generous spoons of cherry jam. It’s not a healthy habit to keep picking at the frosting but I did. You should make it, just so you can understand my obsession!

Cherry Swiss Meringue Buttercream

1 quantity Swiss Meringue Buttercream without the melted white chocolate
5-6 tbsp good quality chunky cherry jam

1) After the swiss meringue buttercream has been done, add in the cherry jam one tbsp at a time, whisking to blend thoroughly.
2) Use immediately on cooled cupcakes and eat remaining with your fingers. Smile and grin from happiness!

Well, I’ll do a check on my cupcakes tomorrow morning and see if it is edible. They’re currently tasty but quite bottom heavy. I have NO idea why. I am desperate for a perfect vanilla cupcake, GF of course. Oh well, I just have to keeep trying. And just to add to my list of failures, I failed my basic theory test for driving. Go on, laugh. It’s so impractical!!! I mean, i suppose I was just meant to memorize the book…not apply commonsense. They gave me a picture and ask me what it meant but I don’t even know which side of the lane I’m on! *sigh*

And Stickydate Pudding for the office tomorrow!!!


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8 responses to “More?

  1. this makes me want to go make cupcakes and frosting right now! i have never made my own buttercream frosting before…. this will make one of my posts one day, with pretty pictures too, i promise!!! =)

  2. that sounds lovely. U make such pretty cupcakes and buttercream toppings. whata lovely blog u have!! :))

  3. I’m sorry to hear about them falling! I bet if you google it you can probably find out why they did that. But as you said, the buttercream rocked and every cloud has a silver lining! :D

  4. Your buttercream recipe is lovely, even if the cupcakes took a dive! Just add more of that lovely frosting!
    I think one of my favorite frostings is 7 minute. I could actually sit and eat it all by itself. (a good reason NOT to make it very often!)

  5. oh nooo, my heart aches for your cupcakes… then it did another 180 degree squeeze when you compared them to shoes. I FEEL YOU. baking GF must be quite a challenge and takes extra skills! the pink clouds of buttercream looks delicious tho, thanks for sharing!

  6. What beautiful frosting! Such a pretty colour, and it slooks like a fluffy pink cloud.

  7. Sometimes cakes look nice with a slightly cracked and dipped centre =) But it’s definitely not something a little icing or cream won’t fix!

  8. lo

    Jam is a perfect solution for flavoring buttercream. How silly that it never even occurred to me. Cherry buttercream sounds absolutely scrumptious.

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