Late Mornings…

For the past two days, I’ve had breakfast in 3 minutes flat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t oversleep, neither do I take forever to get dressed. It’s just quite hard to pry me away from my laptop. See, it’s found a new home in my room. Fred fixed up the wireless and I’ve cleared up the mountain of magazines from my table to make space. It has detrimental effects on me. I stay up late, wake up early, I’m quite addicted. To what exactly? Better to show than tell…

Reminds me of Melbourne and all things Australian. I remember being quite fascinated with the traditional one for the longest time, staring at the pre-packaged ones at Coles. Tragic, I know. Much better fresh from a bakery along Chapel  St, or maybe down one of the cafes on Flinders Lane. Tell me I’ll be there if I click my heels three times, please?

If you think Reeses pieces is a celebration of  the world’s two best flavours, DANCE! okay, I see you shakin’ it all the way from here. Before I ever had one of these, the idea that chocolate and peanut butter was a dream. But you see, dreams do come true!

I hang my head in shame as I type this. I got the book for Christmas, have all the recipes dogeared but I haven’t even started to un-fold those pages! I know, being busy isn’t really an excuse. Now I’m inspired to get started on baking again.

And lastly, I have some tragic news to share. My camera is at the workshop being inspected. Either the battery is weird or the charger is faulty, either way, I am camera-less. I hope it gets fixed soon! In the meantime, enjoy the links I’ve shared! :)

Also, please let me know a dessert you’d like to see featured on the blog or converted to gluten-free! I need a little inspiration! :)


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