Vic Vic, Go Away

Yesterday I experienced something completely new. And mind you, it’s not everyday you get to say that. I saw the dark clouds coming from the other side and I hurriedly packed my bags and fled the office. I mean, an umbrella really didn’t go with my outfit.

The raindrop-studded cars sped past me and Ipicked up my pace. I was being chased.

I ran and ran. My pursuer was relentless and he almost caught up.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, another on my arm. Was it really happening? I refused to look back. “Just keep running” I breathlessly muttered. I ran across the street, clutching my bags tightly.

Then when I felt quite certain I was safe, I stopped, looked back, and smiled smugly. I won, luckily. And as the rain came crashing down on everyone else who didn’t run fast enough, I was thankful for wearing flats and not heels.

And that’s how it’s like being chased by the rain.

No cake love today, but I’ve been busy in the kitchen with this ice-cream cake from Epicurious… my sisters’s birthday is on Saturday and guess what she loves? Fudge, ice-cream and…ice-cream. I must say, the chocolate fudge recipe in the link is AMAZING, just like pure sundae love. Just drink it.



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4 responses to “Vic Vic, Go Away

  1. Ahhh great timing! I love rain but only when I’m indoors and don’t have to venture outdoors and only then lol. Can’t wait to see that cake! :D

  2. I love the way you described the whole raining event. Great use of words and very nice to read! I wonder how you would have described the situation here when you are running away from the rain with your legs swamped by the flood in Bangkok! Ha ha just a thought!

    Thanks for sharing….

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  3. Y

    I love being chased by the rain. Sometimes I don’t mind getting caught either :)

  4. The cake sounds decadent and divine! Hope you are going to post it….
    I’m not running from the rain in Florida, but bundling up from the cold. Would rather run from rain!

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