Stuff I Love

I like oogling. Actually, why don’t you let me list my top 3 on the list.

1) CAKE, dear me, if you could just keep stacking on the layers and piping the sides with a teensy bit more ganache. Yup! To the left a little, no to the right, no no, right here in my mouth please.

2) WEDDINGS. No, I’m not getting married but they have a certain happiness around them. A glow that seems immeasurable. A feeling of perfection even in the simplest of forms. But here’s a favourite (i LOVE the slipper idea, THE BEST! She clearly knows a thing or two about painful feet) and another, OH OH and this… (dreamy sigh…everything’s so pretty)

3) INTERIOR DESIGN. I want this room and gosh the nicest purple wall ever!!!

Okay, I’m going back to oogling. You should indulge too! :)


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