Inspired Weekend

It’s Saturday, the sky is a light shade of grey, the sun is nowhere to be found. Everyone’s sleeping. Except me.

If our body clock is working, why can’t we re-set it? Why does it keep waking me up at 7.45am?


So here I am, after having a big cookie for breakfast, with some links I’ve found over the past hour. Maybe you’re up too, for whatever reason, and need some inspiration. Or maybe on your side of the world, you’re just getting ready for bed, got your jammies on and taken your contact lenses off, wearing just those glasses that no one will catch you dead in.

Duck Fat Fried Chicken at The Scent of Green Bananas- Try saying it 10 times, I guarantee your tongue feels like a fat chicken.

Cheesecake Bites at Night Baking- Think cheesecake slices are dense and heavy? Think again!

Rice Gelato at Pink Stripes- Super special! I want gelato for breakfast.

Candy Manor Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Ezra Pound Cake- This would go quite perfectly with my candy cane cookies

Chocolate Lime Madeleines at Vanilla Garlic0- Everything seense much rosier when a dash of chocolate is added. Brightened with lime…need I say more?

Okay folks, enjoy! I’m off for some hair-lovin’. What colour should I get?


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  1. hello sweet vicky! ah you’re back from OOH cake i see! :) thanks for visiting The Sugar Bar and dropping me a comment. it’s great to re-connect the blogs again. hope u’re well you glorious gluten queen x

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