Smash the Halls

Friday night! If I were a cool kid, I would be putting my mascara on, trying to curl my lashes, applying my fake eyelashes, strategically dab abit of shimmer here and there, get my gloss on, cute dress, highest heels, little sling purse, fully charged pink camera, logged onto MSN and facebook on my Blackberry, one more coat of red gloss. Party time!

But I kinda smell more like butter and peppermint instead of fresh florals. I look more like a bum and I’ve got chocolate stains on the corner of my mouth and the only shimmer I’m seeing is the glimmer of sweat from the oven heat. I ain’t complaining. :)

I spent my lunch hour today browsing through, and the cookie countdown got my mind in a whirl and my tummy was begging for a peppermint anything, with chocolate something. And it needed to be quick. So I baked up a batch of gluten-free and egg-free chocolate chip cookies,  patiently waited for them to cool, before I melted some dark chocolate drops, smashed up some candy canes, and went drizzle crazy. I felt like a mad abstract artist for a moment. It was sheer liberation. And when I ate my third cookie, the craving finally subsided.

On a different note! I am planning a giveaway at Cluny Court at Bukit Timah. Nothing has been confirmed yet but…I will be there on the 12th of Dec, most likely around lunch time, to give out free gluten free cookies! :) It’s all in the name of gluten free love (and advertising), but mostly love. So if you’re free, head there, say hi, give me a hug and get the iLOVEchocolate cookie!

See you there, Saturday!

*BTW: That’s Mr Whaley in the top photo, made of dark chocolate cake, covered in white chocolate mint cream cheese frosting!  too cute!



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3 responses to “Smash the Halls

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  2. paperpen

    i. want. Mr. Whaley!!!! did you have a pan shaped like him or…?

    • vicvickvicky

      heyy babe! I drew him out on paper, then broke it up into different body ‘parts’ and made him out of a rectangle cake. MESSY STUFF!!!

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