The Apple Pie that Wasn’t

Being diligent in snapping photos of food hardly counts when you don’t post it up! *Looks down at feet, feeling quite guilty*

Well, I start my new job tomorrow so that’s exciting! It’s an internship so fingers crossed it leads to something muchmuch more. Been busy baking and eating and and travelling to Hong Kong. Duh, land of food!

Just to let you know this blog hasn’t been forgotten, here are some photos!

1) A Sour Cherry Buckwheat Mini Loaf
I made it just to try out my new mini loaf tins, oh-so-cute! Each loaf fit snugly in the palms of my two hands. Slightly on the crumbly side, and the cherries for one of the loaves tumbled to the bottom (as you can see…)

2) The Apple Pie That Wasn’t…
Being gluten-free equates to me having pie-fears. Pies are tricky enough un-gluten-free! The pie crust recipe was from a new cookbook that Fred bought (I won’t mention the name because in all fairness, i didn’t follow the recipe exactly). The crust turned out quite…weird. Gritty, kinda chewy in a not pleasant sort of way. So I scraped of all the filling and chucked the crust out *sorry!* and made this…

3) Introducing the Cookie Apple Pie!
With a base made of my favourite g.f oatmeal white chocolate rum raisin cookie, topped with a happy spoonful of apple pie filling and a smidge of thickened cream (dairy-free: do not add cream!), it’s just like apple pie, without the pie crust fear. :)

4) Last but not least, last night’s craving: The Coffee Walnut Cake. The recipe was adapted from ‘Cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery’. Converted to gluten free and dairyfree! Instead of using a coffee buttercream to fill the cake, I used a quick dairy-free ganache. This ganache is ideal for filling but not so much for frosting as it isn’t thick enough to hold up on the sides.

Quick dairy-free ganache recipe…
200g 55% couverture chocolate
3-4 tbsp dairy-free milk (almond, hazelnut, soy)
1/4 cup icing sugar, sifted

To do:
1) Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl in the microwave, using 30s bursts of heat until melted and smooth.
2) Warm milk in the microwave for 30s.
3) Stirring the chocolate, add in 3 tbsp of the warmed milk. Mixture will seize but keep stirring and it should smoothen out.
4) Finally, add in the sifted icing sugar and mix to combine. If the ganache is too thick, add in the last tbsp of milk and mix until smooth and silky.






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2 responses to “The Apple Pie that Wasn’t

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  2. donna schmidt

    Hey Vicky we are all GFCF here at our house that is 4 boys. Are you going to do baking lesssons, I need baking lessons, I got your cookies at 4 seasons market YUMMMMY

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